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Brooke Lydecker crafted her art while studying and working in Arizona, California, Europe and South Africa. She holds a degree in Photographic Arts and Sciences from Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, California.

Her fine art photography displays work from three series of work. The first, “Myths and Tales” is inspired by her own life and dreams. Every image is thought out in detail and carefully staged to capture her inspiration. As a gifted stylist and with her own inventory of props, she personally creates the mood and visual setting for each shot. Diffused perspectives, achieved by using pinhole photography transferred on Polaroid, create an almost transcendent expression – like notations of memories, which come and go.

“Exotic World” is an extremely colorful body of work, which documents a famous burlesque stripper event in the desert of Victorville. Lydecker’s artistic interpretation contradicts the almost voyeuristic approach to the subject while creating and exciting sensuality.

The final series, Nostalgia, approaches one of the top icons in our society – classic automobiles. Avoiding the immaculate reproduction of the subject as we know it from advertising campaigns, her images are about the emotional impact these objects create, and the tracks they leave on our memory.

Brooke’s work has been presented in group shows at Paris Photo in France, Museum de Beyerd in Breda, Netherlands, Art Rotterdam, Germany, NL Photo LA, and Solo exhibitions in Dusseldorf, San Francisco, and Huntington Beach.